News: EU Conflict – Russia & Ukraine

Feb 25, 2022

Lion Elastomers has received numerous inquiries into the potential impact to the company, and its respective operations in North America, due to the escalation of hostilities in Eastern Europe, between Russia and Ukraine.

Currently, there is no expected shortfalls in key raw material supply due to this conflict and plant operations are not expected to be impacted.

Lion Elastomers continues to monitor the challenges regarding international and domestic shipping that were both already critical prior to the recent EU conflict. Domestically, truck and driver availability has caused significant delays in shipping. Internationally, the shipping crisis continues to get worse with container shortages and delays at all ports hitting historic highs. Lion Elastomers is working with both suppliers and customers on lead times to minimize impacts on deliveries as best it can.

As these situations are very fluid, Lion Elastomers is monitoring closely and will update as necessary.

Your continued and ongoing support of Lion Elastomers is greatly appreciated. Please contact your Account Manager directly should you have any further questions.

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