News: Extreme Weather Conditions

Feb 17, 2021

As seen in the headlines, the U.S. Gulf region underwent and is currently experiencing unprecedented cold weather conditions since February 15, 2021.  Lion Elastomers enacted its severe weather and freeze precaution procedures ahead of this storm, but the magnitude of this event overwhelmed the regional infrastructure and the Lion Elastomers facilities’ ability to maintain operations online. 
The Lion Elastomers Port Neches, Texas and Orange, Texas facilities remain down at this time. Lion Elastomers is assessing the full impact of the raw materials and utilities curtailments, along with any damage incurred, due to the extended freezing temperatures. The major obstacle at this time remains the state of Texas’ curtailment on natural gas, the impact of which is not allowing enough natural gas to either facility for even basic preparations for restart. The impact on current and future orders is still being assessed and will be communicated to you through the sales team as soon as possible. 
This is a very fluid situation in the region and Lion Elastomers continues to work with local municipalities and utilities providers to acquire the best information possible to work towards the restart of the facilities.  Lion Elastomers greatly appreciates your patience and thanks you for your continued business.

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