News: TPC Group Fire

Nov 27, 2019

Lion Elastomers (“Lion”) offers our sincerest sympathy to our neighbors and friends at the TPC Group production facility in Port Neches, Texas.  Lion has maintained a long-standing relationship with TPC in which we will continue to work with them through the resolution of this incident. 
TPC is a major provider of butadiene feedstock and utilities supply to Lion’s ESBR facility, located nearby.  The fire at TPC resulted in a supply disruption of raw materials necessary for the operation of Lion’s ESBR facility.  As a safety precaution, Lion has conducted an orderly shutdown of all Port Neches production units.  Lion’s warehousing and distribution facilities in Port Neches are unaffected by this TPC incident.
Lion Elastomers is currently working with additional feedstock suppliers, and TPC to re-establish feedstock supply and restart the Port Neches ESBR facility.  We continue to collaborate with TPC and others to resolve this as soon as possible. 
Customers should contact their Lion sales representative for further information or questions.

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