News: Trilene Coatings Paper Now in Rubber World Magazine

Feb 12, 2015

“Innovative Coating from Low Molecular Weight EPDM” by Lion Elastomers’ Dr. Zhiyong Zhu and Dr. Solomon H.K. Tang was published in the August 2015 (Vol. 252, No.5) issue of Rubber World Magazine. The paper examined two coating formulations from a commercially available low molecular weight Trilene liquid EPDM,  employing a sunshine UV cross-linking mechanism.
The paper was originally presented at the International Rubber Expo 2014, in Nashville, Tenn. 

Trilene Liquid EPDM 
Our Trilene liquid EPDM represents a class of specialty, lower molecular weight EPDM polymers that are available in liquid or free-flow powder form. Trilene is used in gear oils and greases, caulks, adhesives, roof coatings and many other applications that require a low molecular weight liquid EPDM product that possesses characteristics of conventional EPDM. Lion Elastomers has pioneered the use of EPDM in new applications leading to the introduction of Trilene Liquid EPDM polymers to the coatings industry. Visit the TRILENE LIQUID EPDM FOR COATINGS section of our website for details on performance benefits when using Trilene 65 for coatings.

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