Royalene® 5169

Royalene® 5169 is our newest grade and represents the fourth of an exciting new generation of Royalene® EPDM. It was specifically designed to produce highly filled compounds with excellent low temperature properties.

Royalene® 5169 has an ultra-high molecular weight component for superior physical properties and low damping. It is highly extendable with excellent low temperature compression set resistance. While our product maintains high viscosity at low shear rates for excellent melt strength and shape retention, it also is capable of low viscosity at high shear rates for superior processing at high flow rates.

This EPDM grade is extended with low level of a high-quality white, hydrotreated paraffinic oil, and is available in easy to mix semi-friable bales. Applications for this grade include highly filled extrusion profiles, blending component to enhance physical properties of highly filled compounds, coolant hose, mechanical goods (low durometer compounds), TPV/TPO and wire and cable.

Royalene® 5169 is an experimental product and available for immediate sampling. If you are interested, our technical service group is more than happy to work with you.

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