News: Lion Elastomers Expands to Enter NBR Business

Oct 27, 2021

Lion Elastomers will be expanding the emulsion-based facility in Port Neches to manufacture NBR Rubber. This new undertaking will position the company to support the domestic demand and provide security of supply for nitrile rubber.  Major markets include general mechanical goods, automotive parts, oil and gas field supplies, medical devices, and personal protective equipment.  

This is a unique opportunity for Lion Elastomers to demonstrate its ability to expand its elastomeric polymer selection to meet the ever-growing needs and expectations of customers, while also offering security to the domestic supply of necessary personal protective and medical equipment. 

“Lion Elastomers is excited to embark on another growth opportunity and to support its customers”, said Kho Irani, Lion Elastomers President and CEO. “This further illustrates our resolve to provide a more diverse portfolio of competitive and quality polymers to better serve our markets.”

Lion Elastomers is targeting the second half of 2022 to begin production with further expansion and diversity of offerings to be subsequently added. 

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