News: Lion Elastomers Presents the Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award

May 11, 2018

On May 9, 2018, Lion Elastomers’ Technical Service Manager, Jim Lockard, had the opportunity to present the Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award to Ron Kennedy, who accepted the award on behalf of Dr. Joseph Padovan, at the ACS Rubber Division 193rd Technical Meeting.

The Melvin Mooney Award was established in 1983 by the ACS Rubber Division and honors “individuals who have exhibited exceptional technical competency by making significant and repeated contributions to rubber science and technology.” Melvin Mooney developed the Mooney viscometer, which measures the viscosity of rubber compounds during curing, as well as other important testing equipment utilized in the rubber industry.

Throughout the history of the company, Lion Elastomers has been a large contributor of innovation in the sciences and technologies of the rubber industry through creations and improvements of several elastomers. Finding the award similar to the past and present capabilities of the company and its employees, Lion assumed sponsorship for the Melvin Mooney Award in 2007.

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