News: Join Lion Elastomers at the 2015 International Elastomer Conference

Sep 8, 2015

Join Lion Elastomers at the 2015 International Elastomer Conference as we demonstrate our commitment to the rubber industry and the technological advancements that we are striving to make. You will have the opportunity to learn more about our company and our latest development in Royalene 515, an ultra-fast curing polymer for automotive extrusions.

Royalene 515, a new non-oil extended EPDM polymer with very high molecular weight, high diene content and low ethylene/propylene ratio, has been developed and could be used in both dense and sponge extruded profiles.  The high molecular weight of the polymer and its unique molecular architecture allow the higher loadings of fillers and oil to lower the compound cost while maintaining the cure rate, surface appearance and physical properties. 

Dr. Solomon Tang will be presenting his paper “A New High Molecular Weight, Non Oil Extended EPDM Polymer for Improved Extrusion Performance” at 10:15am on Thursday, October 15th. The rheological properties, curing characteristics, and physical properties of the compounds for some targeted applications will be given during the presentation. 
Please be sure to visit Lion Copolymer at the ACS Rubber Show from Oct. 12-15 at booth #232 for more information. We are looking forward to meeting you in Cleveland, Ohio for the show. 

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