News: Prime Plastics to Become Distributor for Lion Elastomers in the EU

Feb 20, 2023

Prime Plastics, part of Vinmar group, is pleased to announce a distribution agreement between itself and Lion Elastomers.
“We are pleased to partner with Prime Plastics in the EU market. We believe European customers will greatly benefit from Prime Plastics’ strong regional capabilities and technical expertise,” said Claude Dupuis, Vice President of Sales for Lion Elastomers.
Effective immediately, Prime Plastics will now distribute Lion Elastomers’ portfolio of Royalene®EPDM, RoyalEdge® EPDM, RoyalTherm® EPDM, Trilene® Liquid EPDM, Duradene® sSBR, Diene® PBR, Stereon® SBS and eSBR products (including “hot” SBR and Carbon Black MB grades) in the EU Market.
Craig Jamieson, Director Elastomers at Prime Plastics said, “We are delighted to have been appointed as Lion’s distributor for the EU Market. This partnership provides Prime Plastics with a portfolio of products that are both well-known and much appreciated by customers across the EU. Lion’s continued investment in its assets and technology is very welcome in today’s uncertain market. We look forward to supporting customers, not only with the established grades associated with Lion but also with newly commercialized products such as Royalene 669, a ultra-high molecular weight, amorphous EPDM with target applications in highly filled extrusion profiles, hose, low durometer mechanical goods, wire & cable, and TPVs.”

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