Trilene® Liquid EPDM

Trilene® Liquid EPDM represents a class of specialty lower molecular weight EPDM polymers that are available in liquid or free-flow powder form.  Trilene® Liquid EPDM is used in gear oils and greases, caulks, adhesives, roof coatings and many other applications that require a low molecular weight liquid EPDM product having the characteristics of conventional EPDM. Trilene FreeFlow® EPDM products are free-flowing polymers made by combining Trilene® Liquid EPDM and silica. 

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SDS TDS Grade WT.% Diene E/P Ratio
S T Trilene® 65 10.0 DCPD 50/50
S T Trilene® 65 FF 10.0 DCPD 50/50
S T Trilene® 67 9.5 ENB 46/54
S T Trilene® 67 FF 9.5 ENB 46/54
S T Trilene® 77 10.5 ENB 74/26
S T Trilene® CP-80 --- 41/59
S T Trilene® CP-80 FF --- 41/59
S T Trilene® CP-600 --- 43/57
S T Trilene® CP-1100 --- 43/57
S T Trilene® CP-1100 FF --- 43/57
S T Trilene® CP-2000 --- 43/57


The performance of traditional EPDM now in liquid form for coatings application

Lion Elastomers has pioneered the use of EPDM in new applications leading to the introduction of Trilene® Liquid EPDM polymers to the coatings industry.



Trilene® 65, a low molecular weight EPDM terpolymer, provides coatings formulators with strong adhesion to a variety of substrates, excellent durability under the harshest environmental conditions and superior impact resistance and flexibility at low temperatures. Trilene® 65 can be formulated into high solids, VOC compliant coatings that have performance of traditional EPDM materials.


• Exceptional resistance to ozone, UV, water and chemical degradation
• Extremely low moisture permeability
• Strong adhesion to most substrates
• Hydrophobic with low surface energy
• Heat, UV and chemical cross-linking options
• Superior toughness, and impact resistance, even at low temperatures
• Supports high filler and plasticizer loading
• Extremely flexible and abrasion resistant
• Unique electrical properties

The exceptional durability and toughness of traditional EPDM is now available in a low viscosity form for coatings formulators



  • Roof Coatings
  • Barrier coatings that provide air, water or chemical impermeability
  • DTM or system applications in corrosive environments
  • Electrically resistant or conductive coatings
  • Extreme environment protective coating systems
  • Marine anti-fouling applications
  • Force cure systems


Trilene® 65 Coatings Bulletin - Benefits and applications for EPDM in coatings, including starting point formulations and coating performance results
Trilene® Liquid EPDM Elastomer Product Handling Bulletin - Material handling and processing guide of elastomers and coatings
Trilene® Liquid EPDM Coatings Overview Presentation - EPDM technology and applications, EPDM advantages and coatings technology (solvent, water and powder)
ACS Rubber Division Technical White Paper -  Detailed discussion of the development and use of EPDM in coatings

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