Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Overview

Our elastomers are often combined with natural rubber to make solvent-based adhesives for masking tapes, labels, cloth tapes and duct tape. Offering cost-effective tack, shear and peel strength performance where UV resistance is not required, they are manufactured with a consistent molecular weight, Mooney, and solution viscosity, enabling formulators to achieve a consistent pressure-sensitive adhesive formulation.

Benefits include:

  • High quality and consistency
  • Good balance of performance properties
  • Can be combined with natural rubber to offset its softening over time
  • For a greener alternative, replace toluene with zero VOC, HAP free solvents in formulations containing non-crosslinked SBRs
In addition to the hot polymerized emulsion styrene-butadiene elastomers, Trilene® Liquid EPDM, a low molecular weight terpolymer, can also be formulated into solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives for applications including tapes and labels.

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