Automotive Overview

The inherent heat, ozone and weathering resistance of Royalene®, RoyalEdge® and Royaltherm® EPDM, in combination with its ability to withstand the detrimental effects of polar liquids such as water, antifreeze and brake fluid, make it the perfect choice for an extensive array of automotive interior, exterior and underhood components, including:
  • Radiator, heater and vacuum hoses
  • Hood-to-cowl seals and guide lamp seals
  • Dense and Sponge (Cellular) weatherseals for doors and deck lids
  • Brake cups and tubes
  • Ignition cable insulation
  • Dust seals, boots and miscellaneous gaskets
  • Exterior cladding, rub strips and sight shields
  • Interior trim
  • Tire sidewalls and inner tubes

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